In-Product Communication

Communicate Your New Features, Announcements and Product Updates

Easily communicate with your user base, and keep them up to date with your latest features with personalized in-product announcements. Boost new feature adoption, and stimulate self feature discovery.

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Boost New Feature Adoption Rate

Easily communicate the arrival of new features to your users with a highly customizable in-product engagement solution. Craft your in-app experience using a wide range of UI patterns and instantly boost new feature adoption.


Stimulate Self Feature Discovery

You can never announce each and every feature your product team spits out. Empower users to self discover features at their own pace with subtle tooltips and hotspots that trigger based on in-app behavior or mouse action.


Announce Product Changes and New Updates

Keep users in the loop with the latest announcements, product updates, and UX changes. Easily customize your in-app message with zero code.


Promote Webinars, Special Offers, and Events

Take your product marketing to the next level with Userpilot’s in-app engagement layer. Promote webinars, special offers, and events right from inside your app.


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Userpilot was able to increase 1 and 2nd run, as well as well 1 week retention. We've seen 10% more engagement from the users. We're able to help our existing users adopt more features.

Natália Kimličková - Product Marketing Manager

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